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Our GAA boot camp is based in the Slieve Bloom Mountains. We are confident that our style of GAA boot camp will provide the desired results for both team managers and players.

Our GAA boot camp is aptly christened  'the Man versus Mountain challenge'.
This camp is challenging and will act as a bonding tool for any team or club.

Our GAA  boot camp is based in the Slieve Bloom mountains.

This will be a challenging and bonding tool for any club or team.
The fact that the  Slieve Blooms hosts our GAA boot camp base hence the title 'The Man versus Mountain Challenge '

A sample of our GAA boot camp challenge is as follows :

1. * Outdoor Boxing Circuit.

2. Mountain Run. Carefully selected 2 mile circuit in the Slieve Blooms which will test endurance and general fitness .

3. Obstacle course which has been designed to test durability , strength , speed and all round fitness .

4. Psychology session to educate on the use of Q words and motivational techniques .

* The Boxing Circuit will be varied and challenging for all .
(a) Sparing Session (b) Tractor Tyres with sledge (c) Log squatting (d) Body Twists (e) Slope Sprinting (f) Weight Pulling.

This GAA boot camp will be run outdoors . It  provides an opportunity for participants to reacquaint themselves with nature .  
There is plenty opportunity for all participants to test themselves both physically and mentally .

Our GAA  boot camp will promote survival skills , team building , teamwork and negotiation skills .

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